Hunger games in the US 

​The US election is like Hunger games mockingjay 2: everybody waits for Snow to to be killed but suddenly they think the female rebellion leader is more cruel and shoot her. 

Hillary appeared like President Coin, too focused on power, not emotional enough and the American voters just switch their arrow from Trump to her at last minute. 


Hillary unsatisfied

Given the reason debate on Trumps & Bill Clintons disguisting scandals and view on women, we do not hear anything on that subject about Hillary. No affair, no lover, no friend who lent her more than a shoulder in all these tough times.

If her usage of email and her lack of security measures in the Lybian embassy attack are her biggest scandals, it means that the rainbow press could not find a private one, beside her sticking to and defending her husband. Do we really want to blame her for that? Shouldn’t we rather feel sorry that he did not take care of her?

I think one of her main qualification to move in the white house, is that she lived there already for 8 years without any personal scandal or characterial flaw.

So the same people who are critizing she is cold and a polit robot, should be happy that there is no private reason on which she can be judged. Having a lover would make her more human, but would be the US ready for a married woman to also enjoy the same as her husband and opponent? Not sure about that.



Successful coup in Turkey …Gomez comes home

If the military coup in Turkey had that target to destroy the democracy, I think they will fully achieve their target…

Result up to now: democracy is dead, erdogan won, and the Turkish soccer is losing one of their best strikers….Welcome home Gomez…don’t go to Bayern Munich…they don’t like your talents and same dangerous like Istanbul


Every Russia bomb hits the Europeans

Russias strategy to disintegrate the European Union by starting the conflict in Ukraine did not work yet, however the bombing in Syria has a better chance to do so.

Every bomb the Russians drop on Aleppo and rebel held territories worsen the refugee crisis, hence worsen the immigration struggle within the EU. Putin found a relatively cheap, limited and safe trigger point to disintegrate the European countries and make the UN effort for peace in Syria obsolete.

Anyway I suspect the limited Russian naval presence in Syria the last years, was the reason why the Nato didn’t support Syrian rebels the same as Lybian ones, giving air cover and non fly zones. That gave Russia time to step up its naval into an airforce presence as the Nato preferred to stay out.

Similar to Ukraine, Putin will keep the fire burning as long as it helps to destabilize Europe.


So Germans feel threatened at home due to massive immigration with potential terrorists….on top Germans getting killed on the refugee route from Syria via Turkey and Balkan during holidays…so we should start to avoid all refugee / fighter crossing countries in the world which probably blocks 70-80% of all holiday destinations in Europe, Latin-America, Asia and Africa…maybe relocate and travel to terrorist safe havens like North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, etc…

Need to avoid refugees in and out ISIS