Successful coup in Turkey …Gomez comes home

If the military coup in Turkey had that target to destroy the democracy, I think they will fully achieve their target…

Result up to now: democracy is dead, erdogan won, and the Turkish soccer is losing one of their best strikers….Welcome home Gomez…don’t go to Bayern Munich…they don’t like your talents and same dangerous like Istanbul


Every Russia bomb hits the Europeans

Russias strategy to disintegrate the European Union by starting the conflict in Ukraine did not work yet, however the bombing in Syria has a better chance to do so.

Every bomb the Russians drop on Aleppo and rebel held territories worsen the refugee crisis, hence worsen the immigration struggle within the EU. Putin found a relatively cheap, limited and safe trigger point to disintegrate the European countries and make the UN effort for peace in Syria obsolete.

Anyway I suspect the limited Russian naval presence in Syria the last years, was the reason why the Nato didn’t support Syrian rebels the same as Lybian ones, giving air cover and non fly zones. That gave Russia time to step up its naval into an airforce presence as the Nato preferred to stay out.

Similar to Ukraine, Putin will keep the fire burning as long as it helps to destabilize Europe.


So Germans feel threatened at home due to massive immigration with potential terrorists….on top Germans getting killed on the refugee route from Syria via Turkey and Balkan during holidays…so we should start to avoid all refugee / fighter crossing countries in the world which probably blocks 70-80% of all holiday destinations in Europe, Latin-America, Asia and Africa…maybe relocate and travel to terrorist safe havens like North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, etc…

Need to avoid refugees in and out ISIS


Isis fighter walks on water to Libya (Navy/Air Force free invasion)

How can a an organization like ISIS start to invade Libya which is not connected to their stronghold areas in Syria or Iraq?

Would such an operation not require air lift of troops or massive sea transport and naval / air firepower?

maybe not if you consequently recruit, pay and equip local fighters in the target country and make sure that they also believe culturally in the same cause.

Can we use the westernization and Americanization of upper middle class groups in most countries to create local fighters fighting for freedom, justice and democracy because they believe in Hollywood, Katy Perry, Jeans and iPhones instead of a caliphate?

So there will be no need for naval fleets, aircraft carriers and air support anymore if the personnel and the equipment can be localized in the name of the West.

Probably China has already the same strategy in Africa…