Why the west rules for now

Amazing book making a case that the west had a head start with more biological diversity of farmable crops and animals in Mesopotamia spreading out to Europe.

Later the Qin dynasty catching up with the social development of the Roman empire at 100 AD and overtaking the West around 1200.

The West finally got the upperhand in 1700 due to the combination of new world trade routes and industrial revolution while China and Japan decided to shut out outside influences.

The book concludes that the East and especially China will overtake the West again by 2100 due to a combination of land, sea, technological and manpower plus direct land access to Eurasia.


Reading the amazing book “The Revenge of Geography” by Robert D. Kaplan is an eye-opener for the political implications, limits and possibility of Geopolitics on our planet:

1. The US and UK are natural sea powers with undisputed and safe homeland territories can therefore easily influence the world global commerce as well as the culture … especially the US with both sea access to Asia and Europe and dominating an entire continent

2. Landlock countries with no natural borders like Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Germany etc. are more prone to instability and expansionist behaviours than geographical defined countries like UK, Spain, Italy, France etc.

3. Russia as the biggest land power and bridge between Asia and Europe is cut off world trade and sea dominance by the lack of ice free harbors to it’s South. Based on Kaplans book in 2012, Putins move to secure the Crimea island and it’s Syrian navy facilities would have been foreseible.

4. China and India as fellow land powers with geographical define boarders but warm harbors are naturally increasing their naval and sea power capabilities to challenge the US

5. Middle East and Asian countries from Israel to North Korea are forming an unstable and volatile belt with never-ending hostilities, rocket and nuclear armament, and especially threaten US power and influence.

6. Besides its sea power, China is heavily investing in reviving the Silk Road to have a landlocked access to Europe without depending on Russia. Therefore China aims to dominate its East Asian Hemisphere, the East pacific and the direct trade route to Europe.

Revenge of Geography by China & Russia


Brick wall, solar wall or fire wall?

Amazing idea by Trump to build a solar powered wall but does he know that:

  • Solar panels are most efficient at the south of the wall?
  • Most panels are produced in China?

For sure this will stimulate a lot of trade with China and inside Mexico, does not matter who pays for it.

The Chinese learnt their lessons the last 2000 years that brick or solar walls will not work, to product a country you need a great fire wall.


Chinese porn selfie was a hidden protest against corruption

The selfie porn in a Chinese Uniqlo shop is the bravest public protest since Tianmen in 1989. Forget about the “tank man” and acknowledge the new hero “spank man”.

Having non conform public sex in a socialist country and showing it publicly on Internet is very brave form of disobedience…but going public with his girlfriend hasĀ an underlying message against socialist corruption:

‘If the government constantly fucks the country in public, he can also fuck his girlfriend in public’

Just the location of the protest in a Japanese store was not very clever….historically Chinese sex under Japanese supervision didn’t go very well in the 30s and 40s of last century….