No dope in German politix – Jamaica is gone

Merkel and the rest of Germany really thought that 4 party coalition between conservatives, market liberals and greens could be possible under the Jamaica banner. Suddenly the yellow liberals switched off the joint and decided to pursue their political promises without a conservative and green overdose.

Germany is heading for repeated election which could lead that the party is over for Angela after 12 year governing, however she wants to face the next election and is not as wise as Usain Bolt who stepped down after 13 years.



Hillary unsatisfied

Given the reason debate on Trumps & Bill Clintons disguisting scandals and view on women, we do not hear anything on that subject about Hillary. No affair, no lover, no friend who lent her more than a shoulder in all these tough times.

If her usage of email and her lack of security measures in the Lybian embassy attack are her biggest scandals, it means that the rainbow press could not find a private one, beside her sticking to and defending her husband. Do we really want to blame her for that? Shouldn’t we rather feel sorry that he did not take care of her?

I think one of her main qualification to move in the white house, is that she lived there already for 8 years without any personal scandal or characterial flaw.

So the same people who are critizing she is cold and a polit robot, should be happy that there is no private reason on which she can be judged. Having a lover would make her more human, but would be the US ready for a married woman to also enjoy the same as her husband and opponent? Not sure about that.