Brick wall, solar wall or fire wall?

Amazing idea by Trump to build a solar powered wall but does he know that:

  • Solar panels are most efficient at the south of the wall?
  • Most panels are produced in China?

For sure this will stimulate a lot of trade with China and inside Mexico, does not matter who pays for it.

The Chinese learnt their lessons the last 2000 years that brick or solar walls will not work, to product a country you need a great fire wall.


Government shutdown everywhere

1. The Americans shut down because the minority of tea lovers block the American coffee lovers….guess the Brits are behind that 😉

2. Vietnam is shutting down the whole weekend to honor the guy who kicked the Americans and French out…

3. Germany is shutting down as Merkel needs time to like the Greens but chooses the Reds…. And the left is too anxious to form a Government (so reasonable everybody….)

4. Italy’s government never opened though….

Guess only Vietnam has a good self controlled reason to take a break….

Who else is shutting down and why?