Despacito… en Puerto Rico

Why the super rich American Government is so despacito to help its people in Puerto Rico?

Did Trump listen too much to the song from Daddy Yankee? There must be another advantage to be an US territory besides having the hottest  Latin and R&B singer in the US charts.



Trump vs. Germany vs. Hitler

As a concerned German, I see a lot of tendencies of Trumps politics and statements which resemble Hitler, however as stated in a former post, Hitler was smarter and way better in getting what he wanted and more dedicated to his ideas, even they were wrong.

Trump should consider following:

  • Playing with both sides of the congress is not efficient, it is more efficient to abondend parlamentary democracy
  • Blaming Germany on it’s low military spending is unfair, we already sponsored, maintained and lost 2 full fledged world wars, so the US needs a long time to catch up
  • If you want to divide a country, you need to build a wall in the middle of the country not at the south border.
  • Deporting children is harsh  – hopefully you will not consider the next step Hitler applied

Overall I hope that a racist, facist and business driven government with no clear directions is so confusing that both sides, the supporters and opponents will get tired of it and just vote it out as soon as possible. Or even this Millionaire clown disguised as a President will get tired of his new toy box.






Hillary unsatisfied

Given the reason debate on Trumps & Bill Clintons disguisting scandals and view on women, we do not hear anything on that subject about Hillary. No affair, no lover, no friend who lent her more than a shoulder in all these tough times.

If her usage of email and her lack of security measures in the Lybian embassy attack are her biggest scandals, it means that the rainbow press could not find a private one, beside her sticking to and defending her husband. Do we really want to blame her for that? Shouldn’t we rather feel sorry that he did not take care of her?

I think one of her main qualification to move in the white house, is that she lived there already for 8 years without any personal scandal or characterial flaw.

So the same people who are critizing she is cold and a polit robot, should be happy that there is no private reason on which she can be judged. Having a lover would make her more human, but would be the US ready for a married woman to also enjoy the same as her husband and opponent? Not sure about that.