Despacito… en Puerto Rico

Why the super rich American Government is so despacito to help its people in Puerto Rico?

Did Trump listen too much to the song from Daddy Yankee? There must be another advantage to be an US territory besides having the hottestĀ  Latin and R&B singer in the US charts.



Brick wall, solar wall or fire wall?

Amazing idea by Trump to build a solar powered wall but does he know that:

  • Solar panels are most efficient at the south of the wall?
  • Most panels are produced in China?

For sure this will stimulate a lot of trade with China and inside Mexico, does not matter who pays for it.

The Chinese learnt their lessons the last 2000 years that brick or solar walls will not work, to product a country you need a great fire wall.


Walls or Tunnels?

As a German I cannot understand the US decision to build an expensive wall, even the fiercest communist security could not prevent the in flow of “poor” east Germans into the West. 

Britain’s natural wall was already undermined by a tunnel, so let’s start the tunnel building from Mexico to US. Rather than the Mexicans pay for the wall,  the Americans will pay for the tunnels to smuggle arms, drugs and humans.


Hillary unsatisfied

Given the reason debate on Trumps & Bill Clintons disguisting scandals and view on women, we do not hear anything on that subject about Hillary. No affair, no lover, no friend who lent her more than a shoulder in all these tough times.

If her usage of email and her lack of security measures in the Lybian embassy attack are her biggest scandals, it means that the rainbow press could not find a private one, beside her sticking to and defending her husband. Do we really want to blame her for that? Shouldn’t we rather feel sorry that he did not take care of her?

I think one of her main qualification to move in the white house, is that she lived there already for 8 years without any personal scandal or characterial flaw.

So the same people who are critizing she is cold and a polit robot, should be happy that there is no private reason on which she can be judged. Having a lover would make her more human, but would be the US ready for a married woman to also enjoy the same as her husband and opponent? Not sure about that.



Western Terrorists attack a lawful state


Imagine a country of 10 million people with a functioning governing and military body in a region of failed states and its “politicians” are hunted, bombed and threaten by an outside power? We would call it terrorism if the attacked state would be not the Islamic state of Iraq & Syria (ISIS)…so now we call the coalition attacks just, but is counterterrorism to a winning army in an uncontrolled region not just terrorism itself ?

And for which cause does they coalition bomb them? That Assad can take the territory back as dictatorship? That an US and Irani backed Iraqi regime fuels another civil war? ….I am not an ISIS supporter but I realize that they somehow managed to start to build a state which isn’t that much worse than everything around and even do as the favor and take all the western born extremists in….let them govern east Syria and west Iraq, built their extreme state and then fence it up by a big wall to keep them in.


Iran the new terrorist fighter?

The former axis of evil powers Iran and Iraq will cooperate to fight terrorists while the USA hesitates…. so evil is the new good and our new friend?

Why the Americans supported Sadam to fight Iran in the 80s and not just let the Iranians win, remove Sadam and support their Shia brothers like now? Iran could have done the some job as in Gulf war I & II immediately in the 80s…

Guess next will be North Korea to send troops to Iraq to help the axis of evil partners, guess North Koreans don’t care so much about Abu Gureib prison scandals and just torture all out….

Gulf War 3: the coalition of the new evil willing

Target: Create a Shia state in Iraq, beside a kurdish and sunni rest state, control all oil power and kick the USA and their oil kingdom partners completely out of charge of the Middle East.